The One Where the Hipster is Not So Hip

Never let it be said that a hipster places hipness over sentimentality.

Today is my 27th wedding anniversary, so I’m playing “our song” to commemorate the day.  It was a  gloomy March day in San Diego when we left town for points east, but the clouds lifted almost immediately as we drove out of the mountains on I-8.  We had already procured an Arizona marriage license, as we had originally planned a small wedding at the Officer’s club at Ft. Huachuca, AZ.  When the planning became too overwhelming, we simply skipped town with two friends as witnesses, and found a wedding chapel in Yuma, AZ.

I’ll be honest; it wasn’t the wedding of my dreams, but it was certainly fun and memorable, and the marriage has lasted.  That’s the important part anyway, if you ask me.  I know of too many marriages that kicked off with lavish weddings and ended in a courtroom.

Here’s where the schmaltz comes in.  Today, I play our song, which, I’m sure, is the song of just about anyone who became a couple in 1982: Journey‘s Open Arms.

Here’s to another 27 years and to never going our separate ways.

Open Arms

2 thoughts on “The One Where the Hipster is Not So Hip

  1. Holly A Hughes 03.04.10 / 10:24 pm

    Happy anniversary! I have to admit, I never heard that song before. (This whole Journey revival lately baffles me — until 4 months ago I couldn’t have named for you a single song by Journey.) I got married in 1984, so the best we could do for an “our song” was “If This Is It” by Huey Lewis and the News. Not so propitious, perhaps, but at least we cleared the schmaltz factor.

    • agedhipster 03.05.10 / 1:04 am

      Yes, you did! But you don’t get the separate ways joke then! (another Journey song.)

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