Wayback Wednesday

The Cyrkle – Red Rubber Ball

I could have sworn these guys were a British Invasion band, since they sounded like one,  but the band came together when Tom Dawes and Don Dannemann attended Layfayette College in Easton, PA. It helps that they had a little help from a guy named Nat Weiss, who had a friend in Brian Epstein.(I don’t really have to explain who he is, do I?)  It’s been suggested that John Lennon coined the band’s name, too, so chalk up another Brit Invasion connection.

This song was number two on the Hot 100 at some point in 1966, but it barely registered with me and I had forgotten it until my husband, who is almost five years older than I am, started talking about it when we listened to Dick Bartley‘s Solid Gold Saturday Night show every week in the mid-80’s.  I immediately liked the breeziness and the positive attitude of “yeah, the worst is over now, the morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball.”

Come to find out…it was cowritten by Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley (The Seekers.) No wonder it was so catchy and breezy!

Turns out, their other hit, Turn-Down Day, was not written by members of The Cyrkle, either, but if you remember the Alka Seltzer “plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is” ad, well, that was written by Tom Dawes.

Anyway, Red Rubber Ball has become one of my favorite sixties pop songs.  I can’t listen to it without smiling a little.

Red Rubber Ball

7 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday

  1. Hipster 04.01.10 / 10:42 am

    Oh my. We wrote about the same things! Seriously, we must share musical minds.
    Funny, when hubby and I heard the sing, he was all, “Doncha remember this?”. It sounded slightly familiar, but that’s it. I dunno how I missed it, unless there was a Monkees conflict.

  2. Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas 04.04.10 / 1:11 am

    This might be the most ridiculously upbeat song in the history of mankind.

    I’d never heard it ’til college twenty years ago. I worked with this older cat, a reformed funk bassist. He turned me onto it as a favorite of his when he was a kid. Great song and a great friend.

    • Hipster 04.06.10 / 3:17 am

      It truly is one of the most upbeat pop songs. They don’t make em like this anymore.

  3. Dane 04.06.10 / 1:14 am

    I’m happy I found your blog – I’ve linked you up from mine, as I feel right at home here. I love me some ’60s & ’70s rock & roll, and well, I’m aging too. And about Dick Bartley – I used to listen to that show every week in the ’80s, and a few months ago, heard Dick’s new show while I was out shopping. Now I listen to it every Saturday online if I remember.

    • agedhipster 04.06.10 / 2:11 am

      Thanks, stick around for more. Add the link to your blog, so I can check it out. I’d be happy to do that!

  4. Dane 04.07.10 / 2:05 am

    Thanks! It’s alleyesandears.wordpress.com.

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