Paul Haig Day II

Paul Haig, 2008

I’ll admit it.  I never head of Paul Haig until JC posted Paul Haig Day last year.  The only explanation I can offer is that dance-rock music never really clicked with me (I only went to a disco a few times in the late 70’s and it was in a military club. Hardly counts!)  So, when Haig was cutting his teeth in Josef K, I was not paying attention. (I still don’t pay attention to anything associated with the dance scene, so those dance/house sketches on SNL are lost on me!)

I do pay attention when blogging friends get smacked down by a DCMA takedown notice.  Blogger played that game with me as well, and it is an exercise in frustration.  You can read about JC’s story, which fueled the initiation of Paul Haig Day, right here.   Did the DCMA notices stop him? HELLZ NO, they simply fueled his creative fire!  YAY  for JC!


I was too chicken to participate last year.  What to post? How to present it? WTF? I don’t like dance music and isn’t that the core of Haig’s catalog? THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING of Haig’s that will appeal to me,  right?

Sifting through the material, I began to lose hope.  Would Josef K music be included in this salutory day?  I found plenty of that stuff bouncy, yet quite rock and roll!   No, I really need to find something solo to maintain the spirit of the day.  There MUST be something.  The search continued. WAIT.  I think we have a winner! 2008’s Go Out Tonight is rather rocking, and more guitar-centric than the rest of Haig’s catalog, and I LURVE the final song, Gone In A Moment. It reminds me of Squeeze‘s Take Me I’m Yours, with its bouncy beat and sort of half-singing, half-talking vocal.I can honestly say that I love this song!  I’m in on Paul Haig Day!!

Paul Haig – Gone In  A Moment

So, happy Paul Haig Day to my fellow bloggers and to Paul Haig!  Thanks for the support, man.  You’re a class act and a real cool cat.

Buy Paul Haig music at ROLinc.

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