Wayback Wednesday

Starz – Cherry Baby

Starz. Do they deserve a post when they were really nothing more than Styx Lite? Probably not.  Their allmusic bio cracks me up, since Steve Huey has nothing much more to say about them than, “They had several singles scrape the bottom ranges of the chart.”  Critical darlings, they were not.  Yet Starz managed to put out 4 studio albums in the late 70’s and pack some concert halls when they toured.

I’ll be honest, I only remember a few songs and this album cover:

When I was checking out old compilation cds in my collection, I perked when I heard this song playing, and I liked it.  Of course, this sparked a quest to find more Starz songs that would appeal to me. ( This leads to all sorts of musical ADD adventures, in case you’re wondering. I’m supposed to be compiling an intro for a podcast right now.)

This band was formed by two guys from Looking Glass, who were one-hit wonders with Brandy, (You’re A Fine Girl.)  I can picture the scene now, upon the Looking Glass‘s demise:

Man, our gig is history. Let’s stay together and  show ’em we can rock like Kiss, but with no makeup!”

“No makeup? Are you crazy? We’re ugly and we suck as musicians and songwriters.  So, how else are we going to get girls?”

“We need a cute dude out front, man. And he can’t be ashamed to wear tights and shit.”

Michael Lee Smith, sexy lead singer

Bingo.  He’s Rex Smith’s brother, so he has the same genetic cutes!

Of course, this was the recipe for the critical beatdown that was to follow, but, hey, the band’s still going.  Joke’s on us!

I’m going to call these songs a guilty little pleasure, and enjoy every little bit.  Take that, Steve Huey, and lump it with your Debbie Gibson teen-idol love.

Oh, and here’s the awesome video of Cherry Baby!

Cherry Baby

Hold Onto The Night

2 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday

  1. Holly A Hughes 04.09.10 / 5:30 pm

    Painful, painful. PAINFUL!! I have no memory of these guys, though the mere mention of “Brandi You’re a Fine Girl” sends me hunting for red-hot needles to stick into my eardrums. This is a guilty pleasure you should feel guilty about.

    I love your caption, “Michael Lee Smith, sexy lead singer.” That fringed belt of his is too much.

  2. Hipster 04.09.10 / 6:59 pm

    He’s so sexy, shakin his butt! LOL. These are the only songs I liked, and I only remember the album cover from seeing it in stores.
    I hated Kiss and so-called “pop-metal” and hair bands, but every now and then I’m surprised by a catchy tune. Cherry, Baby is one if those.

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