Wayback Wednesday

Matthew Sweet – Sick Of Myself

Ok, this song is 15 years old now, which qualifies as wayback if you ask me.  It’s older than my youngest kid, anyway. Besides, I have been  feeling rather sick of myself lately.

#1 son’s health  improved enough to ship him back to his own rented house in Florida yesterday.  It’s a relief, but I miss him and his little dog already.

I spent so much time at the hospital with him, even while he was passed out on morphine and/or percocet, staring at the muted television or at bland green walls,  that I forced myself to think about things.  Any things.  Nothings. I thought I’d go mad.  I know I watched the news and read the paper, but the only “news” that really sunk in was Gary Coleman’s death and the disaster off the Louisiana coast.  I thought about those.  I thought about the bacteria teeming inside his abdomen, and about how I would like to morph into Nat the Bacteria Slayer and vanquish each and every one of the tiny monsters.  Call it the peak of stress and lack of sleep.

So, I really am sick of myself and my thoughts at this point.  I just want to lie on a beach with some cheap, filthy smut book and veg out, but that isn’t in my near-enough future.  I’ll have to settle for Us Magazine, iced coffee,  and a long, long pedicure.

Sick Of Myself

2 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday

  1. pplist 06.17.10 / 6:50 am

    One of the five best songs of the 90s! Well done, ma’am. Thanks for your comment at Powerpopulist. I left a suggestion there for you.

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