Wayback Wednesday

Autograph – Turn Up the Radio

What? This song is 26 years old? How can that be? AAAACK! I’m old and I’m saying AAAACK just like Cathy!

I loved this song back in the days when I actually did turn up the radio.  Back then, pop was actually rock-based, which resonates with me far more than today’s mostly hip-hop and dance-centric tunes.  Even though I profess to dislike the 80’s music, it beats the 00’s hands down.  Now, I can’t even listen to a Top 40 station for 10 minutes without positively needing to switch stations.  I laugh, though, when my kiddo does the same thing to my indie or classic rock stations.

Autograph was a copycat (think Van Halen wannabe) “hard rock” band in the early 80’s, and I employ the quotation marks around the term hard rock because, really, how many of those hair bands were really hard rockers? Hmmm? Autograph sounded pretty much like Def Leppard and Ratt and all of the other hard rockers of the day; their only distinguishing factor was the lead singer and even they pretty much all sounded the same.  (See, there’s a basis for my general lack of enthusiasm over 80’s mainstream rock.) Still, some of their songs were like a delicious, sweet candy, and they were great after a satisfying meal. (A large serving of R.E.M., a smattering of The Smiths, some Cyndi Lauper, and a tiny bite of Autograph. Yum.)

So, here’s the dessert, for you confection lovers out there.  Take it in small doses, though, and it will taste sweeter.

Turn Up the Radio

5 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday

  1. Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas 06.30.10 / 7:17 pm

    Actually, wasn’t Turn Up The Radio a hit in ’85? If so, it’s only 25 years old.

    I just got you a year back!

    • agedhipster 06.30.10 / 8:44 pm

      See below, but can I still have the year back? 😉

  2. agedhipster 06.30.10 / 8:43 pm

    Checking allmusic right now.
    Nope, 1984. Went to #29 in the Hot 100 and #17 on the US mainstream rock chart.

    I thought it was before my kiddo was born.

  3. Don 07.01.10 / 11:15 am

    Tu-urn up! The ra-adio-o! Turn up the music, give me some mo’!

    Thanks a lot. No, I did not have to follow the link. It came at me like a spitwad lobbed from another cubicle. Now how do I get it off me?

  4. Dane 08.14.10 / 10:34 pm

    Awesome. I loved this one in high school.

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