All Apologies

It’s been nearly two months since my last post? How can that be?

I haven’t listened to lots and lots of music in that time, so I could blame that, right?  I have liked a few new things, such as Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys’ Fidelity, Band Of Horses’ Infinite Arms, and Basia Bulat’s Heart Of My Own, but there hasn’t been a ton to get excited about this year.  (UPDATE: I just downloaded Dead Heart Bloom’s Strange Waves, and it’s very Beatlesque and lovely.  Third song in and I’m hooked.)

You know that wall we sometimes hit? I think I slammed into it at 100mph and crumbled to the ground.

When I rebooted the blog, I thought I’d renew the energy and enthusiasm I had for sharing thoughts and exchanging ideas, but it fizzled under the pressure I placed solely upon myself, and I don’t know what to do about it, really.  The last post was 08.03, and I haven’t really missed blogging.

So, consider this a place marker of a sort, until I reclaim my blogging mojo.  Thanks for listening!

Until then, Audra Mae says it for me.

The River

7 thoughts on “All Apologies

  1. pplist 09.20.10 / 7:15 pm

    You’ve been missed, Not-So-Aged One! I love your take on tuneage and the makers thereof. That blogging wall is one I’ve hit over and over during the last four years. I, too, have gone as much as two months without posting. I don’t have any particular advice except to say that my concept of music blogging is that it’s supposed to be more or less fun. It’s hard to force fun. When I hit my first wall, I tried to force my way through it, but that got me nowhere fast. So now when I don’t feel like blogging, I simply don’t. I’m always listening but not necessarily posting. Gradually, so far at least, the urge returns, especially under the influence of good music. Let it be.

    • Paula 09.20.10 / 10:19 pm

      I can relate … took a big break myself. But here you are and I’m reading! 🙂

    • agedhipster 09.21.10 / 11:17 am

      Thanks, pplist, I was influenced by good music this morning!

  2. Holly A Hughes 09.22.10 / 9:03 pm

    I’m with PPlist — the only reason to do it is because it’s a pleasure to write about music. Do it when you can, and know that we’ll be reading whatever and whenever.

    • luminousmuse 10.22.10 / 8:03 am

      You have taken up blogging again on my birthday, and not just any – my 60th. That bodes well for me reading you.

      • agedhipster 11.09.10 / 1:54 pm

        I hope you had a great birthday. 60 is young, even though it seemed like the edge of geezerdom when we were younger.

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