Doing the Angel Dance to the Band Of Joy

Ok, so maybe I’m not really ready to keep the blogging break going.

This Robert Plant album is freaking good.  I’m in love with his cover of Low‘s Silver Rider, which features a great duet with my beloved Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller‘s fabulous guitar playing.   I just bought this cd an hour ago, and I’m repeating songs, especially Angel Dance, Richard and Linda Thompson’s song, House of Cards, and Silver Rider.   As much as I loved Plant’s turn with Alison Krauss in Raising Sand, I am much more impressed by the vocal interplay between Plant and Griffin, whose vocal instrument is bluesy, soulful, and soaring.  This isn’t a Patty Griffin record, so she’s subdued in these songs, but she blends so perfectly with the gruff, aging Plant.  (Griffin may end up being her generation’s Emmylou Harris, able to sing with the greats as well as the up-and-comers, and sound like they were born to record together with each one.)  She’s not the only one joining in on the record, but Griffin stands out with contributions on seven of the twelve tracks. (Also joining in: Bekka Bramlett, Buddy Miller, Marco Giovino, and Darrell Scott.)

So, that’s two excellent cds to get excited about in two days.  End of dry spell?

Highly recommend:

Robert Plant – Band Of Joy

Dead Heart Bloom – Strange Waves

Have a listen:

Silver Rider

2 thoughts on “Doing the Angel Dance to the Band Of Joy

  1. luminousmuse 11.06.10 / 10:00 am

    Well now this is why I am getting to love music blogging. The name Patty Griffin has been rattling around at the edge of my brain for years. Never bothered to really check her out. Now that I’ve listened a little, I’ll be listening more. And Silver Rider is something, especially that guitar. Thanks.

  2. agedhipster 11.09.10 / 1:52 pm

    Do give her a listen. I’d recommend “1000 Kisses” as a start, and I’m one of the big fans of her rather rocking album, “Flaming Red.” I wish she’d rock out more!

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