Favorite Music-Related Stuff of 2011


I posted the favorite songs, but I never would have discovered some of them if I had not found turntable.fm.  I spent some time on that site over the summer, mostly in the “Play 3 & Step Down” rooms. It reminded me of chat room days in the mid-90’s, only with music and avatars.

So, here’s a list of cool music things from last year:

 Turntable.fm – I think it’s still in beta and you have to sign in via Twitter or Facebook, but it’s tons ‘o time-wastin’ fun. You don an avatar and DJ name, search for songs and build playlists, and take turns DJ’ing in themed rooms. Oh yeah, there’s a chat feature. So fun!

 Spotify – I use the free version, but I’ve heard tons of new music on Spotify. Yeah, there are ads, but I don’t find them as intrusive as the ones on Pandora.

Newbury Comics – As much online music as I listen to, you’d think I’d given up buying CDs. Au contraire!  And now I’m back in the vinyl business, too. YAY! This is my favorite place to buy, and now they’re expanding to add clothing lines in their superstores. It’s youth-oriented, of course, so I won’t be wearing any of it, but I can get cool stuff for my teen son.

Vinyl – I bought a DAK mixer and their software to record my LP collection to mp3. Yeah, there are other ways, but this works for me, and it was easy to set-up and use. I bought some new and some old vinyl, and I’m feeling the love.

This Is My Jam – Another site you have to join via invite with FB or Twitter and it’s very user-friendly, and it’s still in beta. You search for a song and post it, and it’s just one song at a time. You leave them up for a week, then post another. When the week expires, so does the song (if you forget and let your post lapse.)  It’s perfectly laid-back.  I have invites left, so if you want to check it out, let me know in the comments.

Anything else I should know about?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Music-Related Stuff of 2011

  1. I Sing In The Kitchen 01.05.12 / 3:47 pm

    There is so much stuff out there! I am always in awe. Aside from Newbury Comics, I have not checked out any of these. Now I think I should. (Of course at the risk of being kicked out of the house).

  2. nat 01.05.12 / 8:45 pm

    Have fun checking them out. let me know if you want an invite to This Is My Jam.

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