Kathleen Edwards – Voyageur

Next week, my ears will be treated to Kathleen Edwards‘ latest release, Voyageur.  I’ve been a fan since my first listen to her first release, “Failer,” in 2003. (Holy crap, that seems like ages ago.)  That release propelled her into Paste Magazine’s list of artist to watch in one of their early issues, and I think they’ve been a fierce supporter of hers ever since.  I just love everything about this girl’s music, including the snark and the swear words.

Here’s the track listing:


Out Jan 17, 2012
Produced by Justin Vernon and Kathleen Edwards

01 Empty Threat
02 Chameleon/Comedian
03 A Soft Place to Land
04 Change the Sheets
05 House Full of Empty Rooms
06 Mint
07 Sidecars
08 Pink Champagne
09 Going to Hell
10 For the Record 

So far, I’ve heard “Change The Sheets” and loved it. It’s more polished that her early work, but that’s progress. .  Besides, it gives her the opportunity to get back to her roots later on. See, that’s the way I look at it when critics go completely bonkers over things like production.  There’s stepping up, and there’s overdoing it. I don’t see Kathleen overdoing it here. The keyboards really punch the poppiness of this song

Looking forward to next week!

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