Adventures in Vinyl Land

Oh, I do love being a music geek when there are so many techno tools. I’ve had my DAK mixer since July, and I hooked it up to an old (really old) desktop machine in what is now my younger son’s room. He didn’t like me in there taking up his space, so when we recently acquired a new laptop, I scarfed the old one to use as my recording machine. The old Technics turntable (vintage 1977 or 78) is still going strong. Now I have to unbox all of those LP’s!

I did buy a reissue of The Ramones, which I do need to record, but I dragged out an old Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers album, along with a mediocre Jeff Beck Group release that, despite its generally “meh” nature, contains a few great songs.

Let’s see if this works.
Jeff Beck Group – Going Down.
I love this song, not only for Beck’s great guitar, but for Clive Chaman’s awesome bass playing, and Max Middleton’s piano.  I just wish Rod Stewart were the lead vocal, although Bob Tench is raspy enough to carry it off.

Now, to get out those boxes and get out and hit the used vinyl shops.

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