Buckingham-Nicks and Experimenting with Noise Removal

I dragged out the album boxes and one of the first records I pulled out was one I had almost forgotten: the Buckingham Nicks record from 1973. Lindsey and Stevie (or, Stevi, as spelled in the liner notes) were still 2 years away from super-stardom when “Fleetwood Mac” hit the bigtime in 1975. They recorded this one at Sound City in LA, and it was produced by Keith Olsen (owner of 45 Gold/Platinum Record Awards and 6 Grammies.)

Here is “Crystal” in its original, if overproduced, form. Yes, there are stings and, I think, synth wind instruments, but the beauty of Lindsey’s guitar and the vocal play between the two of them is just plain lovely. In comparison, Olsen’s production on the “Fleetwood Mac” album was quite a bit more polished and lots less cheesy.

I recorded a raw .wav file, then attempted to clean it up with Audacity, and this is my first time working with files like this. It’s just a little shaky, and I didn’t remove the small pops you hear from my needle riding the grooves.

Oh, this record never made it to CD, so, until it does, this is what you get.

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38214428/Buckingham-Nicks%20-%20Crystal.mp3]

Buckingham Nicks – Crystal

5 thoughts on “Buckingham-Nicks and Experimenting with Noise Removal

  1. Scott Blitstein 02.08.12 / 6:27 pm

    Don’t make them too clean – you have to leave in the little pops!

    I’m surprised how much I have on vinyl that is still not available in a digital format. I really need to get to converting some of it.

    Great choice!


    • Marie 02.09.12 / 7:58 am

      Nice, Nat! Fun project!

      I miss the pops & skips on certain songs.

      • agedhipster 02.09.12 / 10:51 am

        Thanks, Marie. I miss the pops and clicks, too. You knew exactly where they were going to occur when you were listening, too!

        Scott, Yes, do attempt this. It’s FUN.

  2. musicobsessive 02.11.12 / 5:36 pm

    Nice conversion! It’s true that there is so much vinyl still awaiting a CD release so I started to convert about 50 albums some time back. Trouble is, it is soooo tedious. I wish you luck!

  3. agedhipster 02.13.12 / 10:38 am

    It is tedious, but I have lots of time for tedium these days. I guess it’s a lucky thing. Thanks, MO.

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