Don’t Have A Heart Attack…

..or anything, but I think it’s high time I return to blogging. As a friend noted recently, Facebook is getting annoying for many reasons.  At first, it was kind of cool and exciting and even fun, and though I still use it to keep up with family living more than a quick drive away, I’ve cut back on the interaction with all but a few others.  Too much same old, same old.

I’m afraid I’m not as on top of new music as I should be these days.  Most of what I hear is on Sirius Spectrum and The Loft. Yeah, I know. HUGE COP OUT. The impetus to discover has been shirred by the lack of interest in what the younger generation has to say about anything. OMG, I am an old fart! Shock! So much new music is too hip-hoppy, EDM, half-bored sounding indie “rock.” HAH! HOW dare they call it rock? (I miss rock, can you tell?) Also, I hate Lady Gaga less than in the past, and now I can tolerate her when she actually sings a normal song and not that dance-y shite she does that sounds like a robot with vocal fry.

So, I’m up for a reboot. I might not blog about music as much. We shall see.

Love and kisses and hello again.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Have A Heart Attack…

  1. pplist 02.24.16 / 6:03 pm

    Great to see you back, youngster! I’m glad I stayed subscribed to your email feed and glad you still like to rock. I sure do and assure you there are plenty of up and coming bands who do, too. Just visit my blog and the ones I link to and you’ll hear what I mean.

    BTW, I tried to sign up to your private radio thingy but word might not have reached you. Maybe write me if you’re still doing that?

    • agedhipster 02.24.16 / 6:35 pm

      Thanks! Oh my. It’s been AGES.

  2. James! 02.26.16 / 11:53 pm

    Glad to see you back at it, Nat!

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