Throwback Thursday

I’ve been in a Bowie funk lately, delightfully playing and replaying whatever I have and can find on the internet.  Sometimes, this leads me to Bowie collaborators, friends, and at least one protégé, Iggy Pop.  Iggy has been busy lately, participating in a Bowie tribute, collaborating with Josh Homme on a new record, Post Pop Depression, and planning a tour to back up this new record.

So today’s throwback is to Iggy’s past, and a jump ahead to his immediate future.

Iggy and David Bowie perform “The Passenger.”


Iggy and Josh Homme “Break Into Your Heart”


Suddenly, blogging is cool again.

Love and kisses.

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Paula Light 02.25.16 / 10:49 am

    I bought Dark Star and was very disappointed. It was just him moaning cheerfully about dying, which I neither found philosophically profound or artistically moving. It was just… meh. I like his old stuff. I love his old stuff! Starman, Suffragette City, Space Oddity, Young Americans, China Girl, etc. Brilliant. Beautiful. I want to replay all that forever. I want to erase Dark Star from my mind, which won’t take long, frankly.

    • agedhipster 02.25.16 / 12:03 pm

      It is very jazz oriented and threw me off at first go-round, but I do like it. It will never be my favorite Bowie, though. I had not even heard the 2013 album until after his death, so I definitely lean toward the older stuff.

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