A New Feminist Anthem

I was poking around on Spotify and checking out new releases, and noticed that Lissie’s latest, My Wild West, was available. I called it right up for a spin, which was a big deal since I was interrupting my 60’s Saturday music. (I curate the tunes played in the house, so just call me a geek.)  Little did I know that the album was not going to play in the intended order, due to my bad habit of constantly clicking the random button. So, the first song that came up was “Daughters,” and it’s a doozy. It has an “I Am Woman” anthemic feel, and after hearing the rest of the record, I’d call it the emotional peak of this release.

We are the daughters
We are the sisters who
Carry the water
We are the mothers too
We are each other

The track by track commentary is also available on Spotify, and Lissie explains that she was inspired by the documentary, Pray The Devil Back To Hell, which examined a sociopolitical peace movement in Liberia initiated by women.

Hear us roar.

Love and kisses.

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