Throwback Thursday

I was building a 70’s playlist and realized that, derp, I had NO Doobie Brothers in there. What? How could I omit them?

Back in the day, I loved the Michael McDonald tunes, but time has not been kind to his era of the band, and does it ever sound dated! However, the early – mid 70’s rockin’ country-blues sound of the original Doobie’s lineup stacks right up with current Americana bands. Unbelievably, I had never heard the 1971 Doobie’s self-titled release until today and it contains a couple of great tunes, including a new favorite, the album-opener, “Nobody.”  In 2010, they re-recorded the song and included it on their World Gone Crazy album.

In the video, you see old footage of the band in the early days, as well as shots of the band as they are now.  The music is tight, the harmonies soar, and Tom Johnston, though straining slightly in the higher range of his voice, can still hit the notes.  Michael Who?


This was their debut album and it is definitely not their best, but you can hear the elements building toward  The Captain and Me and Stampede, which I consider their peak era recordings.


Love and Kisses, my peeps.


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