Throwback Thursday – George Martin RIP

Sad to hear of Sir George Martin‘s passing. I think it’s safe to say that The Beatles would not have realized their runaway worldwide success without George Martin to guide them.  Martin’s arrangements and production were as important to the band as the songwriting (Lennon and McCartney are in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and Harrison is a nominee this year) and the performances. Imagine “In My Life” without that precious harpsichordy  break. You can’t? Neither can I. Thanks, Sir George.

Martin released some records with his own orchestra, arranged film scores, and dabbled a bit in television, but his work producing The Beatles far surpasses everything.

Still, let’s listen in on this gem of a piece from a Parlophone Records release, George Martin Scores Instrumental Versions Of The Hits.  It certainly reminds me of the crazy sixties.  Where’s my whiskey sour?


Love and kisses.

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