Tuesday Tracks -Eric Bachmann

On Fridays I like to feature some of the new releases of the day, but on Tuesday it’s a free-for-all. This week, I’m looping back to Friday because I listened to the entire Eric Bachmann record and it’s a gem. If you’re not familiar, Eric was in a pretty cool band in the 90’s called Archers Of Loaf. WHAT? You never heard of them? Well, that’s ok. How about Crooked Fingers, his other claim to fame? Not them either?

Ok then, start fresh here. Eric Bachmann’s new solo record, a self-titled album, is pretty damned good. It’s definitely one of my favorites of this young year. My favorite is “Mercy,” but “Dreaming,” “Separation Fight,” and “Carolina” keep bringing me back for me plays on Spotify.  This is the grown-up Eric Bachmann, with keen lyrics and sharp insight, not the 90’s whiny punk.

Enjoy “Carolina,” then go back and listen to some Archers of Loaf and see which one you prefer.

Love and kisses.



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