We Lost Another Great – Wayback Wednesday

I’m calling this “The Year The Music Died,” cuz, holy crap, enough already. This time, the country/folk genre sustained a huge loss with the passing of Guy Clark.

No, he’s not a household name like Bowie, but he was no less important or influential. He recorded 15 albums between 1975-2013, and his songs were performed by artists such as Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, John Denver, Ashley Monroe, and David Allan Coe.

Ray Wylie Hubbard said “LA Freeway and Desperados – they were like [Sam] Peckinpah movies, they were that powerful.”  I’d have to agree with that. I mean these lyrics really set the scene: He’d take me with him to a bar, called the Green Frog Cafe and there were old men, with beer-guts and dominoes lying about their lives while they play.

Rest in peace, Guy Clark. You’re finally off that L.A. Freeway.


Love and kisses.

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