Throwback Thursday – Philly Soul

I know I posted an old song just last night, but, HEY, it’s another day! I HAVE NO BLOGGING RULES.

So, since Wednesdays over the summer are for 1966 songs  (oh, look, a rule), Thursdays can be whatever/whenever.

I have no idea who coined the term “Philly Soul” but you knew right away when a hit song was Philly vs. when it was Motown.  Philly soul felt looser, funkier, and was far more danceable.  Some say it kicked disco into gear. Remember “TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)” by MFSB? That 1974 hit seems like it would fit right in on the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack from 1977 (but, no, it isn’t there.)

Here’s a great old Philly Soul song to enjoy on a summer’s day. “The Love I Lost” was written by that amazing duo Gamble & Huff, who wrote and produced 15 gold singles, mostly for Philadelphia International Records. This one hit #1 on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles Chart and #7 on the Hot 100. Get up and dance, people! It’s got the funky groove guitar, the strings, the horns, and those fabulous vocals from Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes.


Love and kisses.

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