Best of 2016 – David Bowie

The year started off with the first of a series of major celebrity deaths (but Kirk Douglas survived to age 100, so, yay for that!) when we lost David Bowie on January 10. It was a sudden, monumental blow to the music world, and was a huge surprise to many of us. Even Michael C Hall, who performed Lazarus on CBS in December 2015, had no idea how sick Bowie was. 

There was some buzz about Blackstar‘s release on Bowie’s birthday, January 8, and I heard “Lazarus” a few times and filed it away as another good Bowie tune, knowing I would hear it for the next few months on the Sirius station, Spectrum.  Little did I know that it was Bowie’s parting gift.  After he passed away, reading the lyrics hit me with a “DUH” moment. Of course he was flat-out telling us that he was not long for this world. This song stands out as my favorite of the year, mostly because of its jarring emotional punch.


Love and kisses.


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