Best of 2016 (Holiday) – Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles, of the country band Sugarland, released a Christmas album in October, and it includes this, a gorgeous rendition of “O Holy Night.” Here is her live acoustic performance of it at Sirius XM.  I love the segue to “Hallalujah” near the end.

Love and kisses and a Merry Christmas.

Best of 2016 – Lissie

I know I posted a couple of Lissie’s releases from My Wild West, so I want to include her in the best of 2016.  Lissie recorded this album after she gave up living in California to return to her midwest roots.  Here’s an autobiographical take on life in Hollywood.

Her official video is interesting, with footage included from her attempt to become an actual Hollywood star, so the song provides a soundtrack.

I don’t think she failed, even though she returned home. Like it says in her lyric, “And if it hurts, it means you’ll grow.” It’s never a fail if you learn a valuable life lesson.

Love and kisses.

Best of 2016 – Joseph

The three sisters from Portland hit #1 on the Adult Alternative charts with this energetic anthem. Don’t raise that white flag in surrender; BURN IT. (Takes on a whole new meaning for me after the election.)  These ladies remind me a bit of a more amped-up First Aid Kit.  I love it!

Love and kisses.


Best of 2016 -Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen joins David Bowie as a legend lost in 2016.  His final album, You Want It Darker, was released just a couple of weeks before his death, in an eerie repeat of the way it went down with Bowie.

This song was cowritten with son, Adam Cohen. Here’s “Traveling Light.”

Love and kisses.

Best of 2016 – Kaleo

This song’s dirty American blues sound sounds pretty authentic for a band from Iceland. This was another band I was pleased to see at the Riverfront Music Festival on a warm late-summer day in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  The crowd went wild for this song, which seemed to be the most popular of their set.

Kaleo – “No Good”

Love and kisses.

Best of 2016 -Pete Yorn

Musicforthemorningafter is still one of my favorite albums of the 2000’s,and I am happy that Pete Yorn did not join the ranks of the one-hit wonders. He released his seventh album, Arranging Time, earler this year, and this song is one of my favorites from it.

“Summer Was a Day”

Love and kisses.

Best of 2016 -Bear’s Den

This one kills me, and I’m not sure why; I’ve been in a happy relationship for 33+ years. I guess it’s because we all remember being ripped apart by a doomed love.

In the words we speak babe
Somehow I get lost in between
Whether to suffer in silence
Or to break it all with each breath that we breathe

Anyway, these guys are damned good, and this song kills me.

Love and kisses.

Best of 2016 – Feral Conservatives

I love the sound of a mandolin, but the pretty plucking of it is what I’m accustomed to hearing. Sadly, it’s an instrument rarely used outside the bluegrass genre. Feral Conservatives proudly, joyfully employ it to drive their sound, which kind of reminds me of R.E.M.

I love the energy in “Round the Corner”. Enjoy.

Love and kisses.