Who I Am

I’m an aging hipster chick, searching for the next Patti Smith in a Lady Gaga world.


7 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. musicobsessive 02.11.12 / 5:34 pm

    Nice conversion! It’s true that there is so much vinyl still awaiting a CD release so I started to convert about 50 albums some time back. Trouble is, it is soooo tedious. I wish you luck!

    • musicobsessive 02.11.12 / 5:38 pm

      Oops, sorry! Posted this on the wrong page. Please feel free to delete!

  2. Jasko 07.31.13 / 1:19 pm


    I came across your blog and was wondering if you ever feature new/unknown artists. I just completed a power pop EP which is available for free online. Any interest in checking it out? It’s quite short (6 songs, 14 minutes). Let me know, and thank you for your time!

  3. ifsoevermusic 03.03.16 / 6:20 pm

    Hi there! Maybe we could be your next Patti Smith? Is that too presumptuous? Couldn’t find another way to contact you on here, but we’ve got a brand new EP that we’d love to share with you.

    If the Soundcloud piques your interest, contact us for a link to download the whole thing. Thanks for your time!
    ~Emily & Will (ifsoever)

  4. Jericka Seco 11.14.17 / 2:49 am

    Hi my name is Jericka and I am writing on behalf of an artist named Jordan March. He is launching his EP early next year and we wanted to know if you can feature our music in your blog, or we just want to know where to contact you.
    The title of the song is forget to party by Jordan March. It is a very nice music and good upbeat. You can check out his music here https://open.spotify.com/artist/3tHIciwAPHPGe90cWUdK94
    thank you so much and look forward to you response

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