Wayback Wednesday

In which we set the Wayback Machine for  50 years ago, when I was 8 going on 9…

Of course, I can’t believe I’m this old and have been loving this song for 50 years. It’s one of those songs that moves you to jump to your feet and unashamedly dance your butt off. Wait, THAT’S NOT JUST ME, IS IT?

If you’re reading this post at work, just dance in your office chair. C’mon, nobody will notice, not even that creepy guy that stares at your when you walk by to head to the break room.

From 1966, clocking in at 2 minutes, 28 seconds, here’s the number one hit song from the April 30 Billboard chart.

“Good Lovin'” – The Young Rascals



New Music Friday

I still can’t believe that Prince is not ever going to walk this earth again, and that we lost him just shy of 4 months after we lost Bowie.

Pick of the Week:

Honestly, I don’t know what to pick, since this week’s releases are kind of meh. So I’ll go with this.

Wire – Nocturnal Koreans  This cut, “Internal Exile”, is quite Pink Floydish.


Rufus Wainwright – Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets   An interesting concept and who doesn’t love the soaring vocal talent of Rufus Wainwright?

Guided by Voices – Please Be Honest  Yes, Robert Pollard plays all of the instruments on this record. ALL OF THEM. Honest.

Nicolas Godin – Contrepoint – DEBUT album. It’s a bit electronic for my taste, but still, it’s kind of cool.

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – La Arana Es La Vida  This one cooks!

What, what?

Candlebox – Disappearing in Airports  What year is this? Hmm, this is not a bad song at all.


That wraps it up for this week. See you next Tuesday.😉

Love and kisses.

Wayback Wednesday

I missed Tuesday tracks AGAIN, so here is an offering from the past to cheer you up. Since I played the 80’s Challenge on Facebook and there was no way to include ALL of the great tunes of that decade, here’s another one. Actually, here’s a twofer from the great Joe Jackson.

This one is for my 19-year-old kiddo:

Then this one, which is one of my favorite of his songs.

PROGRAM NOTE: No Friday post this week, but there is new music. PJ Harvey has “The Hope Six Demolition Project,” Sam Beam’s releasing, “Love Letter for Fire,” and Graham Nash’s latest, “This Path Tonight” is also dropping on Friday.

Catch you next week.

Love and kisses!

New Music Friday

The new phone book is here! Oop, I mean the new music is here!

Pick of the Week:


Janiva Magness – Love WIns Again  Fathead Records  High time I picked some ballsy blues. Janiva’s been on my radar for awhile, and her 2014 album, Original, was the first released on her very own label.





The Dandy Warhols – Distortland  Dine Alone Records – Hell, yes, this has a great groove going.



The Lumineers – Cleopatra



Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals – Call It What It Is



Frightened Rabbit – Painting of a Panic Attack



The Rest:


Peter Wolf – A Cure For Lonliness



Parquet Courts – Human Performance



Niki & The Dove – Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now – Sounds like it would be right at home in 1984.


Love and Kisses!


Wayback Wednesday

Tuesday Tracks was overlooked yesterday due to (you pick one):

  1. My dog ate my homework
  2. lack of sleep
  3. too much birthday cake
  4. some of the above

Instead, I’ll give it up for an old song, but it needs to be one that, when it plays on the radio, perks you up and causes  you to sing along. (That’s not just me, right?)


I love how they are goofing off in this, knowing that the camera is rolling while they lip synch.

Love and kisses.

New Music Friday

Don’t believe anything today except this: there is new music out today and it includes Cheap Trick.

Pick of the Week

Andrew Bird – Are You Serious  Loma Vista Records  Bonus with this song: Fiona Apple!


Cheap Trick – Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello  Big Machine Records  They’re about to be inducted into the Popular Music Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and they’re releasing another album, the first since 2009.  Judging from this first single release, they still rock. (NOTE: this is not the official video, but it’s pretty cool.)

Bibio- A Mineral Love Warp Records  I could draw a bath and turn this on and really, really relax.

Starwalker – Starwalker  Bang Records  I heard the first song on the record, “Holidays” and thought it’d be a great Christmas ad. This one is nice and electro-poppy.

The Rest

Explosions In the Sky – The Wilderness  Temporary Residence Records

The High Violets –  Heroes & Halos   Sainte Marie

Finally, this….

Love and kisses!

Tuesday Tracks -Eric Bachmann

On Fridays I like to feature some of the new releases of the day, but on Tuesday it’s a free-for-all. This week, I’m looping back to Friday because I listened to the entire Eric Bachmann record and it’s a gem. If you’re not familiar, Eric was in a pretty cool band in the 90’s called Archers Of Loaf. WHAT? You never heard of them? Well, that’s ok. How about Crooked Fingers, his other claim to fame? Not them either?

Ok then, start fresh here. Eric Bachmann’s new solo record, a self-titled album, is pretty damned good. It’s definitely one of my favorites of this young year. My favorite is “Mercy,” but “Dreaming,” “Separation Fight,” and “Carolina” keep bringing me back for me plays on Spotify.  This is the grown-up Eric Bachmann, with keen lyrics and sharp insight, not the 90’s whiny punk.

Enjoy “Carolina,” then go back and listen to some Archers of Loaf and see which one you prefer.

Love and kisses.



New Music Friday

New tunes, anyone?

Pick of the Week:

Joe Bonamassa – Blues of Desperation Provogue/Mascot Label Group .  I’ve been a fan for quite some time and it’s been fun to see this talented guitarist become such a star. This song has a great slow bluesy groove and he get to the guitar wizardry, but he lets loose around 3:08 into the song.  Delicious.


Bob Mould – Patch In the Sky  Merge Records  I love that Bob Mould is still going strong.

White Denim – Stiff  Downtown Records   The guitars in this song bring back flashes of 70’s southern rock, and that’s not a bad thing.

Parker Millsap – The Very Last Day  Okrahoma Records   Yes, I have an Americana problem. No, wait, it’s not a problem at all.  I’ve never moved away from my obsession with the 90’s alt.county movement, and probably never will if guys like Parker Millsap keep recording.

Eric Bachmann – Eric  Bachmann  Merge Records  There is something fun about hearing the lyric, “you won’t believe the crazy shit they sometimes say”  followed by a “doo wap wap” from the backup singers.  Great song about family:

The Thermals – We Disappear Saddle Creek Records  For me, they’ve always been  a more rocking Cowboy Mouth.

Night Moves – Pennied Days  Domino  Records  Not gonna lie; this video made me dizzy. Just listen to the song.

The Rest:

RJD2 –  Dame Fortune RJ’s Electrical Connections

The Joy Formidable – Hitch  C’Mon Let’s Drift Records

The Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverTalk Tight Ivy League Records

Happy Cadbury Creme Egg Day!

Love and kisses.


Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

I made a pledge (NOT a New Year’s resolution!) to myself that 2016 is a year for my genealogical research to expand and grow to help other people with their searches. People were kind and helpful to me when I was a neophyte, so now that I am an advanced beginner, I can lend a hand and pay it forward.

Yesterday, during a “girl’s day” jaunt to several consignment and thrift shops, I found a small stack of old professional photos.  These, to me, are an irresistible draw. The clothing, the hair, the faces.  Most of the faces are rather serious or even sullen, but now and again there is a face with promise. A slight smile. A look of menace or hint of mischief lingers.  I’d hoped to find one or two such pictures with a clue attached so that I could track down a family member, a name or address as a starting point.

I chose this one: jewellcorinne.jpg

I just loved her face. When I cover her eyes and just look at the lower half of her face, the mouth is not really being held in a smile. Add in the big eyes and the side glance and it looks like a half-smile, or maybe one that is just disappearing after sitting too long in the photographer’s chair.  There is a name in the corner. BINGO!  4 bucks later, this piece was mine.

After dinner dishes were cleared and the kitchen cleaned, I got to work on my search.

At first I thought her name might have been Lorie Corinne Jewell, but searching in various databases ruled that out. Perhaps the picture had been given to someone named Lorie.  I did find a Corinne Jewell living in Fitchburg MA, born in 1906, which would be a fit with the ’24 graduation date.  Searched for birth, marriage, and death records with that name and found a few news articles about Miss Corinne. I found her in her high school yearbook (same photo!) There is a blurb about her next to the photo.

She taketh most delight in sports and riding.
Corinne is seen quite often chasing the people out of the street in that car of hers. She likes to play nurse-maid once in a while. Corinne is a good sport always and thereby is an asset to her class.
She is especially capable in French.
General Course.
Dramatic Club.
French Club.

Now, to find more clues. Googling brought more joy: she married a William H Turner and they had a child in 1946, but the child’s name is quite common.(Trust me, there are a LOT of Diane Turners.) I kept pushing, searching for names in obituaries and found a William H, Jr. who died in Florida.  His parents names fit the bill and the obit contained the names of his children. A quick Facebook search (a couple of the names were uncommon, the best place to start.) VOILA. Message sent. Family found in less than two hours.  When I get the photo to the granddaughter of Corinne Jewell Turner, my random act of genealogical kindness shall be complete, and it feels fabulous.

I should have been a detective, but I would probably have been a crappy one without the internet.

Love and kisses.