The One Where I Apologize for Taking Over a Year Between Posts

Yes, last post was in February of 2017.

No excuses, but sincere apologies.

In that year, I’ve been listening to music, mostly via Sirius XM (don’t get me started on how they bungled The Loft.) I was a member of the Loft’s Facebook group and the spinoff Loft Refugees, but I quit them both since they devolved into bitch posts about how awful “the suits” are for taking away our treasured station and moving the on-air personalities to other stations. Oh yes, I’ll miss them all, but this has always been the way of radio. It’s a business and when business isn’t making the dough, decisions must be made to reverse the trend. It’s not pleasant, but until someone figures out how to pay the dj’s, pay for studios and electricity, and server space, etc., it’s the way it is. There’s public radio, but even those have constant requests for money via their never-ending pledge drives.

So, I spin Spotify and play my own library on Google music, and I just returned to amy beloved Radio Paradise. They play such an eclectic mix of music, and Bill and Rebecca, the hosts, are very laid-back and don’t interrupt very often. It’s “listener-supported” without the constant begging.

I’ve also discovered’s vast holdings of concert audio and other tasty delights. Here’s one from The Weepies, whom I’ll be seeing in Medford, MA in just a few weeks. This is from a show they did in 2015.

Love and Kisses.

2 thoughts on “The One Where I Apologize for Taking Over a Year Between Posts

  1. Paula Light 03.26.18 / 10:33 am

    Omgosh, I’m so excited to see a poast from you in my reader! Since we quit talking about music, my tastes have changed some too. I still like what I liked, but in the car I’ve been listening to a classical station quite frequently. It calms the road rage! LOL. I really enjoy it. And I’ve been putting on a country station sometimes too ~ they have FUNNY lyrics in some of those songs. Really clever.

    As far as stations, I have the free Pandora for the car when I get sick of the radio & my CDs. I have several stations ~ Neil Diamond, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, etc. All are good, but after the novelty wore off I quit listening much.

  2. agedhipster 03.26.18 / 7:13 pm

    You would like the Sirius Station…The Bridge! I like some classical, but not enough to click the button and listen for more than one piece. And I dig the old country stuff from the seventies and before. I like twang and bluegrass and what they now call “Americana,” but the newer country stuff leaves me cold. You’re right about lyrics, though, and some of the songs are fun. It’s a case-by-case basis for me.

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